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Guild Wars News: Tournament News (3/28/08)

This weekend, players and guilds will, once again, compete in our March Automated Tournaments, so place those last minute Xunlai Tournament House votes. Also, remember that this weekend is the deadline for claiming your February Xunlai prizes.

Next month, the automated tournament is a special event to commemorate Guild Wars's third anniversary. In this tournament, we are offering both double tournament reward points and double cash prizes. To prepare, we've posted April's schedule, map rotation, rules, and enhanced prize list here.

Guild Wars News: March PvP Predictors (3/27/08)

Whether you watch college basketball or Guild Wars Observer Mode, all fans like to root for their favorites and predict how far they will get in the tournament. Check out our fan predictions for the March Monthly Tournaments and then, if you're feeling lucky, head over to the Xunlai House to make your own predictions.

Guild Wars News: Guild of the Week: KISS (3/25/08)

The Passionate Kiss of Nosferatu is a large alliance of ten guilds and more than 800 members, all sharing the KISS tag. The guild enjoys a diverse mix of activities, from PvE to PvP, and was created exclusively for Guild Wars.

Site News: Rohar's Roughnecks CPT Hits 5,000 characters tracked! (3/20/08)

We're pleased to announce our site has been experienced steady growth over the past several months in terms of both functionality, and characters being tracked. We just passed the landmark of 5,000 characters currently being tracked in the system!

Keep On Tracking!

Guild Wars News: Spectrum 15 Honors Eight ArenaNet Artists (3/19/08)

We'd like to recognize the eight ArenaNet artists whose works were selected for publication in Spectrum 15, an annual showcase of the best fantasy, science fiction, and horror artwork created each year. Congratulations to Richard Anderson, Matthew Barrett, Daniel Dociu, Jaime Jones, Jason Juan, Kekai Kotaki, Jason Stokes, and Doug Williams.

Guild Wars News: Real-Money Trading and You (3/18/08)

We take the topic of buying and selling in-game items for real currency very seriously, as it has many consequences that affect our community as well as gameplay. To learn more about our stance on this topic and why we don't allow real-money trading, check out our real-money trading policy page.

Guild Wars News: Celtic Collectibles and Gaelic Goodies (3/13/08)

This weekend players can celebrate a traditional, real-world holiday by gathering special in-game items. From Noon Pacific (-7 GMT) on Friday, March 14 until 11:59 PM Pacific on Monday, March 17, you can gather Shamrock Ale and Four-Leaf Clovers throughout the many lands of Tyria. Enjoy the weekend, and remember: think green!

Guild Wars News: Grenth Wallpaper Available (3/12/08)

By popular demand, our patron god of ice and death is ready to shroud your desktop with his darkness. Find this stylized rendition of Grenth in various ratios and resolutions here.

Guild Wars News: PvP Guide Continues (3/10/08)

Veteran PvPer Mark Yu of Delta Formation [DF] continues the discussion of midline shutdown, focusing on Rangers, in the second article of this series. Find it here.

Site News: Added delete buttons to the My Friends page. (3/10/08)

I've added the ability to delete friends and/or pending friends on the My Friends page. Simply click the little red [X] to get started purging your lists.

Guild Wars News: March Xunlai Tournament Predictions (3/7/08)

It's that time again! The Xunlai Tournament House is now accepting predictions. If you'd like a chance to be featured in this month's PvP Predictors feature, be sure to send us your winning picks. Click here for more details.

Guild Wars News: Design-a-Weapon Items: The Hunt is On! (3/5/08)

We are pleased to announce that we will add a few of the winning items from the most recent Design-a-Weapon Contest into the game later this week. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to venture forth and find those items. We'll add another group of items in the future, so keep your eye on this page for more information in the coming weeks.

Site News: My Missions page navigation update. (3/5/08)

I've added links to each cell of the My Missions page to allow for a more direct navigation to the Edit Missions page. Now clicking on the "Both"/"Bonus Only"/"Experts" etc. status (or the related image in [Shield View]) will directly link you to the correct edit section for that particular character.

I've also added little green [?] buttons on the Edit Titles page that will take you to the appropriate Edit Missions page for that particular title.

Guild Wars News: Guild of the Week: SoT (3/4/08)

The Soldiers of Thunderstorm is a thriving and well-established Russian gaming community, with roots all the way back ten years ago to Diablo. Read more about this PvP guild here.

Site News; Minor Bug Fixes (3/3/08)

Minor bug fixes:
  • Corrected spelling of "Forgewight" in GW:EN Dungeons (Hard Mode).
  • Corrected opened chest dates text to black in [Text Mode] in the My Missions and My Friends/Show Missions pages.

Guild Wars News: February Automated Tournament Wraps Up (2/28/08)

Congratulations to Ice Chunk and Clan Union, first-time winners of our monthly tournament. They brought new names to the top and earned valuable prizes. Ice Chunk is the February Hero Battle tournament champion, while Clan Union captured the GvG victory.

The final match reports are now available, as are the complete tournament standings, the updated tournament rules, and the ever-popular skill usage charts. Enjoy!

Guild Wars News: New State of the Game: PvP Guide (2/27/08)

Veteran PvPer Mark Yu of Delta Formation [DF] offers insights into midline shutdown, starting with Mesmers, in the first article of this series. Find it here.

Guild Wars News: Guild Wars Smashes Five Million! (2/26/08)

The Guild Wars® franchise has sold over five million copies worldwide! This landmark comes at an exciting time. ArenaNet is building an even more expansive and immersive experience in Guild Wars 2, which is sure to appeal to loyal players and newcomers alike. NCsoft and ArenaNet have issued a full press release with details. Also, this just in: our fans rock!

Guild Wars News: February PvP Predictors (2/22/08)

This month, we bring back a PvP Predictor from last month, as well as some new ones. See what they think about the final tournament standings, and don't forget to head over to the Xunlai House and make your own predictions.

Guild Wars News: Guild of the Week: MOON (2/18/08)

The House of Moon, a light-hearted guild, shares many embarrassing moments, favorite parts of playing the game, and other interesting personal stories in this week's feature. Read all about them here.

Site News: GWW User Box Created. (2/18/08)

I've created a category in the USER namespace on Guild Wars Wiki entitled "Users who use Rohar's CPT" (Character Progress Tracker). If you add the code {{User CPT}} to your user boxes on your User page, you'll be automatically added to this page. Let the wikipedians know you are out there!

Guild Wars News: Final Bonus Mission Pack Wallpaper (2/13/08)

This week we present our Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack wallpaper series finale, which showcases the confrontation of Turai Ossa and Palawa Joko in the legendary Battle of Jahai.

Grab this wallpaper here, and don't forget that the BMP is on sale now.

Site News: Minor GUI Modification (2/13/08)

A few minor enhancements as follows:
  • Modified the section shortcuts on the "My Missions", "Character Mission Edit" and "My Friends Show Mission" pages so that the page will no longer reload when clicking the links.
  • Extended the login inactivity time from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Increased processing efficiency of "Tracker Stats" page (it loads faster.)
  • Modified "Tracker Stats" page to show captured Elite Skills stats.

Guild Wars News: Guild of the Week: LOD (2/12/08)

X Legion Of Doom X is a PvE-oriented guild dedicated to keeping each of its members busy and actively enjoying the game. For pictures, profiles, and more, check out the article here.

Site News: Eternal Party Animal added. (2/12/08)

Added the Eternal Party Animal statue to the Monument of Honor.

Site News: Face Lift (2/11/08)

One of the things I've always meant to do is to make the website look cooler. I'm really not much of a graphic designer so I shelved it as a long term task. I've been getting more and more feedback about the site needing a face lift, so I gave it a shot. I realize this is probably going to be a love it or hate it situation, but I went ahead and "put lipstick on the pig". I would appreciate your comments good and bad. (*dons asbestos suit in preparation for the flames*).

Site News: Polymock & Norn Blessings Added (2/9/08)

The obtainable polymock pieces have been added to the tracker. I also added the three Norn Blessings (Raven, Ursan, & Volfen) to the Elite Skills tracker.

Guild Wars News: Canthan New Year Is Here! (2/8/08)

Shing Jea Monastery has completed preparations for the annual Canthan New Year festival! Starting at Noon Pacific (-8 GMT), it's time to put on your party mask and join in all of the holiday festivities, games, and quests. For complete details, head over to the special event page.

Guild Wars News: February Xunlai Tournament Predictions (2/8/08)

It's that time again! The Xunlai Tournament House is accepting predictions. If you'd like a chance to be featured in this month's PvP Predictors feature, be sure to send us your winning picks. Click here for more details.

Site News: Party Animal title tracking added. (2/6/08)

I've added tracking for the "Party Animal" title track added in the 2/6/08 update.

Guild Wars News: Canthan New Year Approaches (2/6/08)

Shing Jea Monastery is currently making preparations for the coming Canthan New Year's Festival! The festivities will commence at Noon PST (-8 GMT) on Friday, February 8, 2008. Try your luck at the re-opened Shing Jea Boardwalk, or test your mettle in the Rollerbeetle Races and the Dragon Arena. The culinary inclined can help collaborate in creating a feast to please the Celestial Rat. There's even more to do, and many special surprises, so head over to the special event page to get all the details of this annual celebration.

Guild Wars News: Congratulations January Automated Tournament Winners! (1/31/08)

Murder Za, previously October's champion, defeated X Ekelon X to become the January Hero Battle champion. In the GvG scene, Mistral Edge [Me], a Japanese guild that finished second in November, defeated the European guild Close Encounter [cE] to seize the GvG championship.

The final match reports are now available, as are the complete tournament standings, the updated tournament rules, and the ever-popular skill usage charts. Enjoy!

Site News: Hall of Monuments Added (1/30/08)

Tracking for all available statues in the Hall of Monuments has been added. They are listed individually as Hall of Honor, Hall of Valor, Hall of Resilience, Hall of Fellowship, and Hall of Devotion.

Guild Wars News: Third Bonus Mission Pack Wallpaper (1/30/08)

The Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack is now available! To celebrate, we've uploaded the third of our Bonus Mission Pack wallpapers. This week's desktop features the assassins from Togo's mission, "The Tengu Accords". Watch for next week's feature: the fourth and final wallpaper in the BMP series.

Guild Wars News: Bonus Mission Pack Ready and Waiting (1/28/08)

The BMP is on sale now. With the Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack, you play through four pivotal moments in Guild Wars history and earn rare weapons—some of the best gear in the game! You can play immediately upon purchase. Buy now or browse the BMP FAQ for more information.

Guild Wars News: Bonus Mission Pack Interview: Part Two (1/28/08)

We have another designer Q&A for you today, following the first Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack interview. If you'd like to learn more, read the interview with designers Colin Johanson, Linsey Murdock, and John Stumme.

Site News: Minor Updates (1/27/08)

Completed titles now float to the top of the Titles Page list. The faces of heros display on the "My Missions" page when Shield View is selected.

Site News: Character Birthdays Added (1/25/08)

I've added the ability to track the creating date of characters so you can keep easier track of which characters have upcoming birthdays. Go to the My Characters page, select the green [?] arrow, and added a creation date. Then go back to the My Characters page and a summary will be shown.

Guild Wars News: Xunlai PvP Predictors (1/24/08)

Recently, we asked for some exceptional PvP Predictors to step forward and demonstrate their predictive powers. And we weren't disappointed. Click here to see the top three picks of other fans, and visit the website in February to see how these Predictors fared.

Site News: GW:EN Hard Mode tracking added (1/23/08)

Added tracking for GW:EN primary quests (hard mode) and GW:EN Dungeons (hard mode).

Site News: GW:EN Vanquisher Update! (1/23/08)

I've added GW:EN Hard Mode Vanquishing areas to the tracker.

Also, some of you have indicated its been getting hard to follow along to the bottom of the table on the My Missions and My Elite Skills and keep track of which column is which. I've added background colors to each character which can be set in the My Characters page by clicking the green [?] button next to each character. (I used the profession class color scheme developed at Guild Wars Wiki.) More GW:EN Hard Mode stuff to follow soon.

Guild Wars News: Second Bonus Mission Pack Wallpaper (1/23/08)

The Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack goes on sale Monday, January 28! Get into the mission pack spirit by decorating your desktop with our second BMP wallpaper. Go here to grab this week's featured artwork, taken from Gwen's mission, "The Flight North", and look for the release of additional BMP-themed wallpapers in the coming weeks.

Guild Wars News: Guild of the Week: GWen (1/22/08)

This week we feature Lore School, a predominantly PvE guild formed at the release of Guild Wars: Factions to explore the story and replay various parts of the game. Read more about the guild here.

Site News: Minor Bug Fixes Made Today (1/2/08)

Real life has prevented me from making major changes to the tracker of the past several weeks. I've just fixed all of the bugs reported to me during that time, as follows:
  • Character [Add] issues with users with multiple accounts are addressed.
  • Legendary Vanquisher Title bug fixed.
  • Tracking for the Slaver's Exile quests has been added.

Site News: Title Tracking Finished!! (10/12/07)

I've finished adding all the current title tracks available within Guild Wars. Those titles that are based on information entered into our database are calculated automatically. All the others require manual entry of your status. Look for a summary page soon!

Site News: Titles Update (9/19/07)

The Elite Skill Hunter and Legendary Skill Hunter titles have been added to the "Titles" page available through the "My Characters" page.

Site News: Account & Title Tracking Added! (9/18/07)

Initial functionality for title tracking has been added. A [Titles] link from your "My Characters" page will display the titles your titles. Look for more titles to be added in the near future! As a result of future "account wide" titles, I've added "Character Accounts". If you have characters spread over multiple GW accounts, go to [Profile] to setup accounts, once you have more than one, you can switch your characters between them by the [?] button on the "My Characters" page.

Site News: [Profile] Update (9/13/07)

I've added the ability to set a preference of how you view your Edit Elite Skills page (accessible by clicking the [Elite Skills] button on the "My Characters" page.) Click the [Profile] button under your name on the left menu to get started.

Site News: Functionality Updates

  • Added number complete to the character edit pages for missions and elite skills.
  • Added Title Hunter sorting of Elite Skills update page.
  • Added [Mark All Capped] links to Elite Skills update pages.
  • Added*BUG FIX* Page viewing settings from [Profile] now work properly.

Site News: Various Updates (9/8/07)

I've added the ability to track the explorable GW:EN dungeons as indicated on the Master Dungeon Guide. I've also added tracking for all 25 Heroes in the game. Since their are now 16 different groups being track, I've added Shortcut links to the Character Mission edit, My Mission, and My Friends missions pages.

Site News: GW:EN Primary Quest Tracking Added (9/7/07)

Tracking for the 16 primary quests that are indicated in the Hero's Handbook can now be tracked.

Site News: Limited page preference added to Profile (7/23/07)

I've started to add personal preferences to the [Profile] page. To start, you can chose how you to prefer to view the "My Elite Skills" page. You can change the views as normal, but if you click on the "My Elite Skills" link in the menu bar, then you'll get the view you saved in your profile. Click [Profile] below your account name to get started.

Site News: [Mark All] links added today (7/17/07)

Many of you have discovered this website for the first time, and did not have a chance to "evolve" your data with the upgrades I've made. As such, adding characters that have progressed deep in the game is arduous as you would have to, for instance, make 56 clicks to mark Prophecies as Vanquished. I've added [Mark All] buttons to each mission and quest section to make it far easier to add new characters that have already achieved the maximum levels for a particular section. Hopefully this will cut down on data entry for you. I also fixed a minor bug that displayed two Date Entry fields for the repeated chests.

Site News: User Account Profile Added. (7/15/07)

Many people who created accounts on the system did not anticipate the My Friends page. As such, many have expressed concerns over providing their real names to other members of the community, others over security concerns created irrelevant user names that are not very helpful when giving to other friends. I've added the ability to change your account first name and last name, by clicking the [Profile] link under your account name in the left column.

Site News: Elite Skills now viewable by Campaign!

You can now view your elite skills by campaign to ease those of you capping skills for the title tracks.

Site News: Lock/Unlock Functionality Added (7/13/07)

I've added the ability to indicate any mission or quest as "locked". I would consider this to be an optional feature, but will allow you one additional level of reference. This is a feature added by request so some players can "fine tune" their summary to determine whether a character can even join a party when doing a mission and/or vanquishing an area.

Site News: We're Official! (7/12/07)

Its official! Arenanet&tm has announced that the Character Progress Tracker is an official fansite of the Guild Wars&tm multi-verse. Read Community News for the announcement. You can view the entire list of fansites here.

Site News: Friends Lists Added! (7/3/07)

You can now view your friends progress via the "My Friends" page. Only users that know your EXACT first and last name on your account can invite you. You can choose to reject or accept any invite.
To add a friend go to "My Friends" select [Add Friend] and type their account name. Wait for them to accept and viola! (Hint: 2 friends should invite each other. The next person to log on will be able to accept for both.)
Note: Friends are NOT exclusive. If you have a friend on your list, you are on their list.

Site News: Elite Skills Tracking Added! (6/25/07)

You can now track the Elite Skills you have captured by clicking [Elite Skills] next to your character names on the My Characters page. Clicking My Elite Skills will let you view all skills across all characters like you've become accustomed to with the missions. (Be sure to check out the glamorous Icon View.)

Site News: Wiki Links Updated! (6/19/07)

The external links have been updated to connect to the official Guild Wars Wiki at I've also expanded the links to cover all the areas and quests we are currently tracking (264 individual items). The Treasure Chests link to the maps of the chests for quick and easy route finding.

Site News: Treasure Chest Date Tracking Added! (6/14/07)

I've added tracking for the open dates of the various treasure chests. You'll need to both check the radio button and add a date in YYYY-MM-DD format. The My Missions page will display the date AND number of days that have elapsed since the chest was opened. Thanks to those of you that made this request. I hope to continue to add functionality to make this the one-stop-shop for character progress tracking!

Site News: Mission Update Buttons reconfigured (5/15/07)

With the advent of Vanquisher title tracking and Hard Mode mission tracking, the Edit Mission page was pretty long to scroll through when updating a single mission. I've added [Update Mission] buttons throughout the page to avoid the continuous scrolling.

Site News: Tracker Stats Page Added! (4/30/07)

The Tracker Stats page has been added to the menu! This page shows how many other characters have completed each item being tracked. See how you compare to others!

Site News: Vanquisher Title Tracking Added! (4/23/07)

The information to track all of the vanquisher title areas for all 3 campaigns have been added to our databases. Now go out there and kill stuff!